Thursday, December 3, 2009

On the Third day of Christmas my Ture love gave to me...

Two loving children that never coperate to get their pictures taken when you want them too. I should have known that it wasnt going to work as we took this picture before we left. Addisons expression shows how the entire shoot was going to go.
Zion could not keep his arms down at all! Every picture he was pointing or reaching for the camera.
We finally got them to both sit, too bad they look like they are SCARED to death. Thats what happens when you are bad and have to sit in the church by yourself. I think we might end up using either this one. or

This one. or maybe I will find something else.

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- B said...

I think you should use the one of both of them looking scared. That is the funniest thing! Looks like you put the fear of God in them! HA!