Monday, November 10, 2008

Monday Monday

We have had a pretty good week at the Conder house. both kids are still alive! Addison has been very trying on me recently. One minute she is as sweet as can be and the next she is just rotten. As I have said many many times before, " this too shall pass". Zion started cereal this week. He has been watching every bite that goes into our mouths so why not try with him, So far so good.
Friday night my mom volunteered to watch the kids for us while we went to dinner. We ended up going to the "Dutch Cafe" oh my gosh, it is fantastic. If you are ever near Peru by the base you must go there! It is the best Amish cooking!

Saturday we were able to meet up with my good Friend Melissa and her little boy Corey while they were in town from Chicago. It was great catching up with her and watching the kids play.

Nothing else new..

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween and such

My computer is junk! So I am on Adams, Hopefully I can get some pictures to load.

We had a great time on Halloween, Addison was a Butterfly and loved going door to door to get candy. The first few houses she was a little shy but by the end of the route she was a pro. Zion on the other hand slept through most of it except for the GIANT spit up at the Spesards.

Zion is still growing like a weed! I think he is going to be 6 foot tall by the time he starts kindergarten. I got on the scale with him yesterday and he was 18 lbs. I think we may start cereal a little early with him, maybe it has less calories.

Addison is still her imaginative little self. It never surprises me as to what will come out of her mouth next. The other day she came up to me and said "Mom lets go to the rain forest, Maybe the Amazon" Sounds good to me.

As far as sewing and crafts go I've been kind of slow but would love to pick up some sales to help with Christmas, So if you know of anyone that would like a baby carrier please let me know, I would be happy to work you a deal. This is my most recent one, I wish I could have kept it for myself..