Saturday, October 30, 2010

Friday, October 29, 2010

Mickey and Minnie


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

update from todays apt.

We had a great trip to the Maternal Fetal specialist today. After about at 40 minute ultrasound and over 100 pictures/ measurements later. We met with the doc. She said that the baby was looking really good. My fluid levels are in normal range. Baby is measuring a little big but nothing to worry about. Im worried that his head is measuing at 38 weeks and the rest of him is at 34 weeks but oh well. He is weighing in at about 5 lbs 12 oz and is practicing his breathing. His head is down, his stomach is all the way on my hip and his butt is under my ribs. They did find out that his kidneys are enlarged. They are measuring an inch bigger then what they should be. Most kidneys have one exit into the bladder and his have two. Which means that his bladder fills up twice as fast. There is nothing that they do about this. She just reccomended getting an ultra sound done on him 1 or 2 months after he is born to check them out. So now we can relax and not have to worry about every movement. They said that the fundal height measurement that they do in the Dr. Office is only correct about 30% of the time, it just depends on how the baby is being carried and its position. So hopefully my 47 week measurement does not keep increasing.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Introducing our baby!

Hurry up and wait. Im sitting here waiting on the phone to ring, with my apt for the maternal fetal specialist. It will either be today or tomorrow. Hopefully tomorrow so there will be time for the in-laws to get here.
So here is the update as of Friday:
On Friday the 15th I was measuring 36 weeks pregnant, at the time I should be measuring 32 weeks. Fast forward to Friday the 22nd. At 33 weeks I was measuring 47 weeks pregnant. For those that dont know a human gestetion is between 37-40 weeks. Therefor I am currently the Gestation of a Donkey, but still have 7 more weeks to go, at this rate I will be 117 weeks pregnant by the time of delivery. That is a longer gestation then an elephant.
Anyway, We are hopefull for some answers from the specialist. They are thinking that I have quite a bit of Extra fluid. After the specialist apt. We will have a plan of attack.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A Comparison at 34 weeks

Here is a comparison.
34 weeks with Addison
32 weeks 3 days
34 weeks with Zion
34 weeks with Cletus

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Fridays Apt

Don't worry about anything; instead pray about everything. Philippians 4:6
I keep trying to keep this verse in my head, but it sure is heard.
Through out this pregnancy I have always felt BIG, much bigger then my last two pregnancies, I have kept saying to myself it is just because it is my third baby. Each time at the Dr. I have been measuring a little bit bigger but only by one or two weeks nothing to really worry about. On Monday I had an Ultrasound to see how big the baby was due to measuring a little big each time. Baby looked great he was measuring about 34 weeks 3 days, I was technically 32 weeks 2 days so a little big but nothing to be concerned about. The ultra sound tech kept saying how wonderful everything looked.
Move ahead to Friday at my Dr. apt. I get there about 1:15 for my 1:30 apt. thinking maybe if I get here a little early I can be seen a little early and we can get on the road to head to mom and dads. Not the case, they pass by me. After a girl checks in saying that her apt is at 2:15 and she gets called back before me I go ask the desk, they then get me right in.
Normal procedure pee in a cup, get weighed check babys heart rate and my Blood pressure, everything looks great! Then she goes to measure my fundal height, she measures it once, measures it twice, and then measures it for a third time... Then she asks you are 32 weeks right. I say yes. I say why, she says well I have you measuring at 40 weeks. WOW 40 weeks... That means between Monday and Friday the little man grew 7 weeks worth. The Dr. then comes in and double checks the measurement and he says its measuring 40 weeks but he can push it back to 37 whatever that means. He then begins to go over the Ultra sound and discovers that my amniotic fluid is elevated. Not too much but still enough to be concerned about. One cause of this could be gestestational Diabetes, I passed my one hour Glucose test with Flying colors, I'm not exactly sure what the numbers were but they were great. So to help rule that out I go Tuesday to take the 3 hour test, just to make sure that isn't it. They will also run some extra tests on the blood to check things out. I then will go back to the Dr. Every Friday for a Non Stress test and more measurements to see whats going on and for another ultra sound on the 1st of November.
I have found Google to be my enemy. So now I am just trying to worry about nothing and pray about everything. But man it sure is hard.