Monday, October 25, 2010

Introducing our baby!

Hurry up and wait. Im sitting here waiting on the phone to ring, with my apt for the maternal fetal specialist. It will either be today or tomorrow. Hopefully tomorrow so there will be time for the in-laws to get here.
So here is the update as of Friday:
On Friday the 15th I was measuring 36 weeks pregnant, at the time I should be measuring 32 weeks. Fast forward to Friday the 22nd. At 33 weeks I was measuring 47 weeks pregnant. For those that dont know a human gestetion is between 37-40 weeks. Therefor I am currently the Gestation of a Donkey, but still have 7 more weeks to go, at this rate I will be 117 weeks pregnant by the time of delivery. That is a longer gestation then an elephant.
Anyway, We are hopefull for some answers from the specialist. They are thinking that I have quite a bit of Extra fluid. After the specialist apt. We will have a plan of attack.


Diane said...

Maybe a twin has spontaneously been made? Hang in there you'll get answers on have Cleatus soon enough.

Justin, Haley, and Jayden Ramer said...

thanks for the update! thinking of you! the extra fluid is just giving Balls some extra swimming practice! you know our kids will love the water and be all star swimmers!!