Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Craft Fair Flop -Dresses

Many of the dresses have matching head bands too, so be sure to ask if you are interested. I have extra fabric that matches all of the pants so I can easily make a shirt to go with them. All I need is your size. Thanks so much!

#1 Matilda: My daughter named this dress and I have no Idea why she named it Matilda. Any way it is a Brown long sleeve patchwork dress with elastic at the bodice. The patches are done in browns greens and aquas. It measures 24 inches from top to bottom, 20 inches under arms and has 14 inch sleeves. $20

#2 Addison: Named after my daughter because she picked all the fabric for this dress. It has brown with pink dot short sleeves and is patchworked in browns and blues and pink dots there is elastic at the bodice. It measures 25.5 inches from top to bottom and 19 inches around under the arms. It is aprox. a 3T $20

#3 Little hippie Mama. I LOVE this I wish I would have made it bigger. The top is an apron style top with button straps and elastic back. I will get measurements soon.
Photobucket Photobucket

#4 Hanging of the Greens Shirt dress: This dress measures 26 inches from top to bottom and 18.5 inches under the arms. $15
Hanging of the Greens

#5 Rainy Days Shirt Dress: This dress is made from a Ralph Lauren Chaps Shirt, in different colors of Blue. It measures 29 inches from top to bottom and 23 inches under the arms. $15
Rainy Days

#6Yikes Stripes Shirt Dress: So many different colored stripes.. This dress measures 28 inches from Top to bottom and 25 inches under the arms. $15

#7 "Dad, Mom just cut the sleeves off your good shirt" These sleeve pants are made using the sleeves of a blue with white stripes Levi's dress shirt.
Measurements are: ( these can be adjusted some.) $10
13 inch inseam
19 inch Waist
11 inch Rise
Daddys Dress shirt
#8 Yikes Stripes Sleeve pants: These pants are made from the sleeves of the yikes stripes dress. There measurements are:
17 inch Rise
9 inch inseam
18 inch waist
Yikes Stripes
#9Candy Land pants: These are for your little cand land girl. They measure:
7 inch inseam
16 inch waist
11 inch rise
Candy Stripes
#10 Rainy Days sleeve pants: Made from a ralph lauren dress shirt. They measure: 15 inch rise
17.5 inch waist
9 inch inseam
Rainy Days Pants
#11 Hanging of the Greens: Made from the sleeves of a green long sleeve shirt with green stripes. It measures:
15 inch rise
18 inch waist
10 inch inseam
Hanging of the Greens
#12Watch out spring Pants: Made from the sleeves of a very springy Shirt.
The pants measure
7 inch inseam
18 inch waist
16 inch Rise
Spring Day

#13 Headbands: Matching most of the dresses or pants. $3
Photobucket Photobucket
#14Super Hero Capes: 1 Purple, 1 red/orange, 2 Goldish $12 I have a few letters I can sew on. Letters E, K, D, L, G $10

#15 Watchout Spring $15
Spring day
#16 Candy Land Dress $15
Candy stripes
#17 This dress was made using the fabric from a blue with white stripes Levi's dress shirt. It currently measures 26 inches under the arms and 26 inches hem to hem. $15
Toddler Blue Back
#18 Retro Western Toddler Dress. I LOVE This Dress if I dont sell it I am saving it for my daughter. Pair it with some cow girl boots and you are set. was made using an Arizona Shirt that is off white with tiny brown diamonds. It has pearl buttons up the back. It measures 20 inches under the arms and 24 inches hem to hem.Now $15
Western Retro Toddler

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