Saturday, December 19, 2009

On the 19th Day of Christmas...

Think back 10 years ago.. Did you ever think that you would talk about poop everyday? Ive realized that not a day goes by and rarely an hour that I dont say something about poop...

" Do you need to poop?"

"Who pooped?"

"Did you wipe after pooping?"

"Did Zion poop yet today?"

"What did you do with that poopie diaper?"

"Don't Change that in here it will smell up the entire room."

"Don't Step in that poop."

"He had poop up his back."

"Throw that onsie out its covered in poop."

"Dont forget to flush that poop."

"It smells like poop in here."

You get the point.

I wouldnt trade any of the poop talk at least I have been blessed with two little kids to talk poop with.
If its not poop in the tub.
Then the dog has pooped on the rug.


Mandy & Jeremy Hall said...


- B said...

All the poop talk comes with many other bodily functions. Am I the only mom that picks her kids noses? Or who's kids use her shirt as a kleenex when their nose is running? Anyone?

Justin, Haley, and Jayden Ramer said...

HAHAHAHAHAH!!!! that is sooooo stinkin funny!!!!!!!!! love the post! and now that i think about it..... i think i tend to talk about POOP alot!!!! Jayden has yet to poop in the tub...but i am sure that day is just around the corner!!! :o)

Kim said...

I absolutely pick my kids noses and often times have to restrain from picking other peoples kids noses. What about when you here the urp sound from your kids do you make a cup with your hands to try to catch their vomit.. Then what are you sopposed to do when you catch it all, you cant very well help after that... The joys of Mother hood..

Diane said...

LOL, so sad but so true! And we finally stopped talking about my boobs and milk.... just to get to talk about it shortly. Never thought those topics could hold so much conversation.