Monday, September 13, 2010

Zion is Stressed!

So Zion has been the best sleeper any mom could ever ask for. He would go to bed at 7 and not wake up until 8 the next day. Up until about about a month ago he was still taking a morning and an afternoon nap. I started weeding out the morning nap so he would just take an afternoon nap. He was doing great with it until the end of last week, and then all hell has broken loose. He is refuseing to take any nap at all, just wants to cuddel with me, if he happens to fall asleep while on my chest, he wakes up as soon as I get up to lay him down. At night he will not lay down at all. Screams, kicks, climbs out of bed. Blah blah blah. He yells No Night night mama no night night please no night night. I will finally get him up after the 134352 time of laying him back down bring him out and rock him to sleep, he will fall asleep on my chest but again as soon as I get up to put him in bed, hes up. So today I finally broke down and took him to the Dr. to make sure he didn't have something medically wrong with him. Ears, Teeth, throat... etc. Nope everything is GREAT. She said that he is just super stressed? Oh the stresses of being 2? Having mom wait on you hand and foot, having mom all to yourself everyday from 8-11, going to the park and story time with just mom. Its such a rough life. So we are trying to ease his stress, Im not really sure how. She suggested we try benadryl and warm milk before we try to lay him down at night. So we are trying it. Hopefully it works. This is one tired mama, After being use to him sleeping 12-14 hours a night down to 5 really wears down this prego lady

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