Monday, September 27, 2010

Baby/ Zions room

We have finally gotten Zion and the babys room almost ready, just a few minor things to do.
Zions side of the room. Yes the guy has some blankets, he just chooses to use only one.

Door View. Im contemplating painting a mural of a VW Bus on that wall but havent decided yet. Hopefully my Sister in Law Kari will make us another door sign too.

Rocking Chair side. We are looking for a lamp or small light to put by the chair so I can see at night but not bright enoug to wake Zion up.

Babys Bed I made all of the crib stuff when it was Zions bed, however Zion did a number on it so I had to take it all apart and remake it. I still have to dye a sheet to match. The empty spot above his bed is for his name.

And the long awaited name is...
Wait who put those balls on my letters?


- B said...


Justin, Haley, and Jayden Ramer said...

hahah! i guess we will call him balls!

Kim said...

ha ha ha,, Balls.. Im sure Adam will love that.