Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Watch out Martha.

Watch out Marth Stewart, im on fire!
I did all of this TODAY!

I made Beef Stew
Corn Bread

and Pumpkin Bread

This cute tiny Tutu that can double as a hat

Finished Addison's room.. The walls are now Pink you cant really tell.

A Z shirt for Zion

A G Shirt for a special Baby girl with a matching Tutu

just the G Shirt

And while I was being so Domestic, Sitting on the floor of my craft room thinking about how I wish I knew more little girs so I could make cute girly clothes, and thinking about how I hope that Addison gets invited to some birthday parties soon because it would be super cute to make tutus as gifts. My kids were playing ever so nicely together.... or so I thought.

This is why the rest of the house always "looks" put together.

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