Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Today we had the oppertunity to help my friend Mary at her pre-school. She does a one day a week pre-school from 9-3 her assistant had her baby on Friday so for the next few weeks I will be filling in for her. The best part is that I am able to take the kids with me. Which is Great because we are considering sending Addison here next year. Anyway we told Addison that she was going to get to go to school today a few days ago and she was SO excited. She went to bed last night without any trouble, then she woke fully up at 3:45 this morning Yelling " Mom Dad is it time for school yet?" No go back to bed. Only to repeat this again at 5:30 and then up for the day at 7. Needless to say she was very tired today at school but she managed to make it the entire day. Came home ate supper and was sound asleep at 6:30. Zion was also tired from him busy day since he thought that 20 minutes was a long enough afternoon nap, hopefully he will sleep well tonight.

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