Thursday, January 8, 2009

Barbie head

I Love having my very own live Barbie head. I feel so blessed that she lets me braid and do her hair all the time. All of the practice I got by braiding my Cabagepatch kids hair is paying off.

And a sweet sweet little boy.


wjbennettii said...

She looks soooo cute. I can't believe she sits still and lets you do her hair to that extent. Reminds me of Cindy Lou Who.

PS- I can hardly see you in the carrier pictures! It's awesome that they hold a nearly 3 year old child, though. Pretty nice!!

PS- this is megan, as you probably assumed. :)

Lateshia said...

Oh wow! Look at her hair! How wonderful that she lets you do it! It looks great!!

Justin and Haley Ramer said...

thanks for the cobra advice... just really expensive! guess it is better than paying all the hospital bills! you are a great hair stylist! maybe you need to open your own shop! :)