Monday, January 5, 2009

a new year

A new year, new couch, new carpet, and a new computer what a way to start the year. Things are going great at the Conder house! We have been enjoying having Adam home for the past two weeks, Im not looking forward to him going back to work but it will be nice to get back on our schedule. For the new year Im going to try to post a little bit more since when was my last post.... before Christmas?
Zion with his cousin Hayley on Christmas Day!
Have you seen the comercial where the baby is really fussy and then they lay him on the new carpet and he falls right to sleep? Thats what Zion did here.


- B said...

he looks so snuggly!!! I love little babies!

Nicole said...

Ha!! That picture of Zion on the carpet is sooo funny! He looks so cute!

Abrah said...

Hilarious! :)

Diane said...

The look in Zion's eyes in the first one is exactly a look Addison gets. And the carpet is just hilarious!