Thursday, June 26, 2008

Trying times

Wow Addison sure has learned how to push all of my buttons reciently. I keep telling myself, " this too shall pass" It better. She will do something so rotton that Im ready to beat her and then in the sweetiest voice say," I Lub you mom" and give me hugs and kisses.. I tell her to make sure her listening ears are on and she says " no mom their Broken" GRRRRRRRRR..... oh well I gotta love her...

Here are some pictures from Holiday world last week... Poor Girl was so hot and tired by this point. She was a real trooper.


MamaSnapped said...

IS that Santa? I bet he is burning up in that outfit!!

I tell ya, kids learn what buttons to push and then wear those buttons out!!

Mommyto3k's said...

You've got it to shall pass:-) Kensley can do something so stinky as well and then look at me with those big brown eye and dimples and it all fades away. Does she have me wrapped or what???