Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Dec 15.

I cant wait to go "home" tomorrow. I like it here in Robinson, but walton will always be home. Tomorrow night Kerry and her family will be at mom and dads too. Addison cant wait to see girl cousins. Friday morning, im taking the three kids and we are going to Flora for Buble study. I doubt there will be much studing going on. I miss those ladies sooo much. Friday afternoon we are going to my nephew Joes birthday party. Then we are going to finish off the evening with a Carroll Cougars Basketball game. I cant wait to see everyone and a good ball game. Saturday we are having Christmas at mom and dads family galore. 12 kids rnging in age from 7 to 4 weeks! So i will probably miss a day or two of posts but will have plenty to catch up with! have a good weekend.

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