Monday, December 20, 2010

Great Weekend.

Day 20
Sorry for the lack of posting. As I had mentioned in an earlier post we were going to be at mom and dads for the weekend. Lets just say it was a little caotic and I didnt have time to come up with a december post.

The only thing that my mom asked for, for Christmas was a picture of her 12 Grandkids all together wearing their cute Elf jammies. That was much easier said then done. We got them all in their cute Jams and asked them to sit on the couch. Zion who usually loves getting his picture is screaming and running into the other room hiding in the corner saying "No pictures no pictures" So this is the best we came up with Grandma.
Eli(7) Beck (18m) Pixie(7) Bennett (1m) Billie(4) Evan(9m) Zion(2) Addison(4) Milan(4) Cassi(2) Joe(4) Cale(4)
I have to say I dont blame Zion for not wanting his picture taken when this paparazzi is after you.
We then went to the other room to open presents. The kids were all crazy so we asked them to sit in front of the Christmas tree and wait. we then got this wonderful picture minus Joe, who was smart and was taking a nap in the other room.

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