Thursday, April 16, 2009

Easter Weekend

We had a Great BUSY Easter Weekend.
Saturday we went to Walton for the Walton egg hunt, Addison is getting the hang of these things.

Sunday, we were able to get out of bed and to the Sunrise service followed by Breakfast at church and then the Sunday service. So we were at church from 6:15-10:30 and the kids were WONDERFUL.

After church we all loaded up and went to my Grandmas house in Merrilville to have lunch and spend time with the family. My brothers Brad and Wally hid eggs so the kids could have yet another easter egg hunt. Addison LOVED it.

After leaving Grandmas we went to the Star Plaza Inn for the evening where we swam and then went to dinner, Addison and Zion loved hanging out at the hotel. Zion ended up falling asleep while we were in dangling our legs into the Hot tub, too much easter fun.

Monday we tried to take a dip in the pool in the morning but the big pool was too cold and they had just drained, cleaned and refilled the hot tubs soooo they were a whopping 45 degrees, so off we went back up to the room and filled the bath tub for the kids, I think they had just as much fun there. We then packed up and headed to Fair Oaks Farm. It was quite interesting I think Addison was still a little bit too young to really enjoy it, she just wanted to touch the cows. We then went to the Birthing barn where we saw a cow that was about a half hour old and another one in labor. After a billion questions, Addison asked" Mom why does that cow keep blowing bubbles out of her butt?" We decided she had had enough and went to get DELISIOUS ice cream.

Tuesday we went to Indy for our friend Ella's 3rd Birthday party. We had tons of fun but now we are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Tired.

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