Thursday, March 5, 2009

Update, Update

I am sick and tired of everyone here being sick and tired! Adam is on day 14 of this terrible cold. I think he is worse then any baby when he is sick. He also has pink hiar now! Nothing to do with being sick, he made a bet with his youth group that if they raised over $3000 for the 30 hour famine that he would die his hair "hot pink" They raised $3240, and he kept his promise.

Last Thursday after going to a Cloth Diaper playdate Addison and Zion started coughing and having snot everywhere, we decided that if they felt half as bad as Adam had then they needed to go to the Dr. So we took them Addison ended up being fine just having a cough. Zion on the other hand was Weezing and I guess it was quite badly, he was diagonosed with Ashtma at 6 months old. He was put on an Albuteral Syrup which made him CRAZY! He would just Scream non stop and not sleep, when he was half awake it was as though he was hullicinating, not a good feeling. So, we decided to stop giving it to him on Sunday morning and call the Dr. Monday morning. They finally got us in at 3:00 on Monday and the Dr. Yelled at us, I felt like a school girl. The dr said. " You need air to breath, when you stop giving him his medicine that helps him breath he will die, do you want him to die?" So Adam and I felt like the scum of the earth because we didnt know his condition was as bad as it is. Anyway he is now on an inhaler every 6 hours, he is the youngest person int he Howard County area with an inhaler.. Poor little man.
Other then that all is well

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Mommyto3K's said...

I'm so sorry about Zion. That is crazy they diagnosed him with asthma at 6 months. Did they try giving him a nebulizer? Kaden was diagnosed with at 2.5 and for the most part we think he has outgrown it for the time being. I remember the Dr being very cautious to actually diagnose him at such an early age because it always stays in their charts and etc. The steroid they gave him at the time made his crazy too. Good luck. Hope everyone is better soon!!