Friday, September 12, 2008

busy at the conders

Wow I have become a slacker on here. Sorry! This week we have been potty training hard core! Monday was a full blown potty party, it went much better then both Adam and I thought it would we got away with only 2 accidents all day. Here it is Friday and we are still going strong. She is starting to go even before the timer goes off. So hopefully next week we will have this potty thing down.

Zion is now over a month old. He is quite a cute and has changed quite a bit. According to our scale he is now 12 lbs. I think he is just bulking up for football season. He trys to be so big and holds his head up already. Wow time is just flying by with my two big kids.


Abrah said...

His little shirt is too cute!

Diane said...

Love the update, you have been a blog slacker! Do you think you're too busy or something :)

I love the new pictures. Glad to hear potty training is doing better.

MrsWhimsy said...

Glad to hear the potty party worked! Your kiddos are adorable. They are both getting so big!